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AutoIntern: Business Process Automation for the little guy

It's an on-demand, continuous-processing world. IT professionals today are expected to create complex data processing systems that seamlessly integrate such diverse components as web-based storefronts that use MySQL to process the shopping cart, back-end legacy databases to process the orders, hourly update files from far-flung offices, and a motley collection of homegrown programs and batch files, which all need to operate together automatically. This gluing together of unrelated components into a self-sustaining operation is called "Business Process Automation" (BPA).

Large companies can spend many thousands of dollars to keep their business processes moving automatically and to make it all look seamless to the end user. But what if you're a small business? You can't afford to write a brand-new, integrated system from the ground up. Chances are you're moving data manually between offsite data files, your own legacy programs, & third-party apps.

The result: Unreliable, inconsistent processes. Unresponsive customer service. Having to dedicate an employee just to babysit one or more computers to keep your background operations running. This is unacceptable by today's standards.

That's why you need AutoIntern, the powerful job scheduler for Windows. With AutoIntern, you too can make your business run smoothly & automatically.

Think of AutoIntern as "BPA for the little guy."

AutoIntern can launch multiple applications based on several different triggers:

  • When a QuickBooks® transaction gets posted
  • When a record gets created in a SQL database
  • When a registry entry gets created, modified to specific values, or deleted
  • When a file (local or network) gets created, modified, or deleted
  • When a directory (local or network) gets created or deleted
  • When Windows starts up or shuts down
  • At specific times of day or regular interval of minutes/hours
  • On specific dates, regular interval of days/weeks, or specific days of the week or month

Once the process is started, AutoIntern can monitor and control its progress:

  • Stop or start dependent applications
  • Query COM or WMI objects
  • Upload or download data to/from remote FTP servers
  • Download XML files or webpages, and examine or modify their contents
  • Send keystrokes to different applications
  • Fill out data in forms
  • Wait for message boxes to appear & click their buttons
  • Wait for window titles to change
  • Wait for intermediate or log files to change and read their contents
  • Write or append data to files
  • Wait for a registry entry to change
  • Create, modify, or delete a registry entry

There are rudimentary task schedulers that try to allow you to automate your work, but they can be just as difficult to use (and no more powerful) than the built-in Windows AT command.

Then there are the top-tier enterprise-level Business Process Automation products that are so expensive, they won't even tell you how much they cost unless you talk to a sales rep! (If you have to ask, you probably won't be able to justify the cost anyway.)

AutoIntern helps you automate your small business so you can keep up with today's on-demand world—without breaking the bank.

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