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The XLF project

Upgrading from earlier versions

NOTE: This pricing is for currently-licensed users of AutoIntern™ 1.x. If you're not a licensed AutoIntern user click here.

Single-user upgrade
The single user version of AutoIntern comes on a CD-ROM and includes a license for one workstation. AutoIntern will run on XP Pro, Windows2000 and Windows2003 Workstation and Server. AutoIntern will not run on Win9x, NT4 or XP Home.

Part # Description Seats Price  
00071 Single user license 1 $79.95  

Office Pack upgrade
Each Office Pack contains AutoIntern on a CD-ROM, plus licenses for the designated number of users. Your users need not be on a single network—all we ask is that they designate one "AutoIntern specialist" within your organization who will handle your users' tech support questions. This specialist is always welcome to call us for support.

Part # Description Seats Upgrade price Your cost per user
00072 3-pack 3 $199 $63
00073 5-pack 5 239 48
00074 10-pack 10 359 36
00075 20-pack 20 599 30
00076 50-pack 50 1,279 26
00077 100-pack 100 2,399 24
00078 200-pack 200 3,999 20
00079 500-pack 500 8,799 18
00080 1000-pack 1000 12,799 13


Prices are prepaid in US dollars. We accept VISA/MasterCard/American Express. We also accept company and personal checks and US bank-issued money orders. We also accept most purchase orders at net 30 days. Call us for approval.

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